PP Film for Stationary Market

Lange PSV: a reliable partner that provides Stationary Film (such as for document pockets, tear-seal specialities, covering of binders, book-covers etc.) to Brand Manufacturers of all sizes in Europe and beyond.

Satisfied customers on three continents rely on our products, knowledge and service.

Quality products, sustainable entrepreneurship and solutions catered for your needs make us a flexible provider of film. 

At Lange PSV we run 100% Cast Film on Reifenhäuser Extrusion Lines.

We manufacture either transparent, translucent or opaque PP Film. We run it in clear or orange-peel. Choose between single- or multi-layer film. In addition, we offer extrusion lamination (e.g. paper/PP, PET/PE, etc.)

No matter what your expectations are: our competent operators produce your film on our Cast Lines exactly as you need it.

PP Film for L-Folders, Document Pockets and Book-Covers

for various stationary applications in 25-200my

  • transparent or colored
  • glass-clear or orange-peel 


Tear-Seal PP Film

​for ultrasonic welding in 80-300my

  • transparent or colored opaque
  • either matt or high transparency
  • either standard or super-soft
  • either clear or orange-peel
  • excellent welding properties & high tear resistance

PP Film for Flat-Files & Index


Ever dreamed about an Index Film that gives you the benefit of 20% more sqm for every kg (and thus less cost) with comparable mechanical properties as regular Index Film?

We call it "Resource Efficient (RE)". Ask us!

  • Our Flat-File Film comes in all colours, it makes a special spine unnecessary with potential cost savings for you. We produce it in 130-250my.​

Paper/PP Laminates

Laminates as easy-to-use alternatives for POKF Lever Arch File covering material or for printed binders.

  • glueing with standard adhesives
  • ecological advantage
  • many options
  • competitive pricing
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