Co-Extrusion + Coating + Lamination

Imagine the possibilities of (Co)Extrusion, Lamination, Coating, Single- and Twin-Screw Operation, (a)symmetric layer geometry of up to 5 layers!


Looking beyond the Stationary Market, we run various Projects with Development Partners, giving them access to a very fine Co-Extrusion/Coating Line. 


Let us persuade you to use our coex-extrusion line for development and contract manufacturing. 








Extrusion Coating Line with 3 extruders

- 1 twin screw

- many coextrusion feedblocks for up to 5 layers

- various Chill-Rolls

- various Presseur-Rolls

- Die width max 1200mm (with deckling to 500mm)

Materials PP (with up to 60% filler), PET, PE, EVOH, PLA, TPE, TPU
Substrates Nonwowen 55-400g, PLA, PBS, PET, PP, PE, PVC, LDPE, Paper 50-250g, Aluminum >20my


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