Ever wondered what Lange PSV stands for? 

We're spending far more time in sitting together with customers and potentials to understand their needs and propose solutions, rather than building fancy websites. Now, roughly 10 years as Lange PSV and merely 15 years offering PP Film under the same management, we've sat down to formulate what we stand for, what customers expect from us and what we thrive to do in the future.



We understand technology and together with our customers we understand the market. We love to get challenged with new product ideas and approach them with an open-minded attitude. Being lean and small, we rather take a product to real-life trials than to spend arguing in never-ending discussions about risk and potential. Of course not every trial is successfull, but isn't it great to tell the customer that we've at least tried?



We cherish every existing and new customer, as they give us a reason to be working every day of the year. We are proud of customers calling us their partners, as it shows that we truly work together. Our customers' success allows us to be successfull. To this end, we love to get challenged and to present solutions - to small and big issues, including "thinking out of the box".



Serving our customers and generating value-added whereever possible is fun. To be able to offer this, we work hard in delivering competitive products and services, as we are faced with global competition. Balancing high quality with affordable prices is our daily challenge, and the third column for our sustainable development.

Our Offerings

Our Solutions

We are dedicated to Stationary Film.

But can offer so much more.

Our Services

We'll put our Co-Ex Coating Line at your service and partner up for developments and pre-production tests.

We are really interested in this material as using film from competitor we could only stop production of this item

Customer in Poland

We are ok with paying a bit more with you only as to not buy from your competitor. We'd like to extend your supply to us.

Customer in Italy

It is such a pleasure to communicate with you: fast, knowledgeable, friendly.

Customer in Scandinavia

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